Industrial Roller
Flexographic Applications

Whether you are printing paper, plastic or paperboard, our compounds are tailored to your requirements and proven in the field. Our precision ground rolls will give you accuracy in printing and longer roll life. We have compounds designed for your Tinting or Coating applications, with finishes guaranteed to your satisfaction. Try our Conductive / Anti-Static compounds to help reduce your static problems. Try our Electron Beam or UV compounds for your special applications. If wrinkles are giving you a problem try our Web Spreader grooved rollers. Computer controlled crowning may be helpful for your longer rolls.

We can supply your complete system for demountable fiberglass sleeves parallel, tapered, precision ground for plate mounting, rubber covered, conductive, increased wall thickness to obtain various repeat sizes and service mandrels. Fiberglass sleeve systems can be for new press equipment or retrofit of existing systems.

  • Coater
  • Conductive (Anti-Static)
  • Corona Treater
  • Electron Beam Curing (EB)
  • Feed
  • Fiberglass Sleeves
  • Fountain
  • Laminating
  • Meter / Ink / Doctor
  • Narrow Web
  • Nip
  • Pull
  • Spreader-Wrinkle Remover (Web Spreader)
  • Tint Roll
  • UV Resistant

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