Industrial Roller
Laminating Rollers

We have compounds and specialty rollers for all your needs... everything from general purpose Neoprene and tough Urethanes, to heat resistant Silicones and EPDM. See us for your solvent less adhesive applications using our specially formulated compounds for chemical resistance and longer life. If you are having static problems try our Conductive / Anti-Static specially blended compounds. Use our high temperature Silicone compounds for your Seal, Laminating and Embossing rollers. If wrinkles are giving you a problem try our Web Spreader grooved rollers.

We can supply your complete system for demountable fiberglass sleeves parallel, tapered, precision ground for plate mounting, rubber covered, conductive, increased wall thickness to obtain various repeat sizes and service mandrels. Fiberglass sleeve systems can be for new press equipment or retrofit of existing systems.

  • Anti-Static (Conductive)
  • Applicator
  • Back Up
  • Chrome Rolls
  • Coater
  • Feed
  • Fiberglass Sleeves
  • Glue
  • Heat Resistant
  • Idler
  • Nip
  • Pinch
  • Pull
  • Seal
  • Teflon Sleeves
  • Web Spreader

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